Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael and Al

While never a huge Michael Jackson fan, I certainly knew the boy had talent. And my personal remembrance is actually a meta-fandom sort of thing. All of us nerd-boys owe Michael a huge debt of gratitude: without MJ, there was no Weird Al Yankovic. Oh, to be sure, Weird Al would have been around, and done his thing, and still been brilliant, without Michael. It's just that no one would have ever heard of him.

Jackson's fame was so outsized that a goofy, geeky, parody artist could become a really big star in his own right, just riffing off the king. The kind of adoration showered on him and other pop "gods" was always a bit irrational and hysterical (hell, I love the Beatles as much as anybody, but those screamers were downright scary), but clearly these talented folks tap into something primal and glorious in the human spirit.

Good on you, Michael. After a short and tragically troubled life, may you be at peace.

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Blogger Anne said...

Thanks for not being a sanctimonious prick about Mikey. I haven't written anything yet because I'm still in shock. The world is a less fun place now. No, Mike wasn't perfect. Tragically troubled is right. But he did make things more fun. If you loved his music & videos, he made it more fun. If you love Weird Al, then Mike made it more fun. If you just loved picking on him for his weirdness, he made it more fun. And for all the people he actually helped, he made it more fun. The world is just a bit grayer for me now.

June 27, 2009 5:18 AM  

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