Sunday, May 03, 2009

Things I Said... (Precedentedly Clever)

Isaac Asimov wrote long ago about how he liked to dabble in math and come up with proofs, which were invariably either a) clever, correct, and already done (typically hundreds of years previously) or b) clever, novel, and wrong.

Since blogs are kind of the ultimate vanity project anyway, I am putting down a list of things I came up with, that someone else had already said. You know, just 'cause I'm like that. I said each of the things below, and I list the person who had already said it. (Oh yeah, I suppose it goes without saying that I have probably said a lot of things that others have said, these are just some of the ones with which I was particularly pleased.)

"Children should be obscene and not heard." - John Lennon

"You spend the night like you're spending a dime." - Lyle Lovett

"Never is a long time." - Shane

I wrote a blog post entitled "Cheeseburger in Purgatory," a pun on the Jimmy Buffet song. Don't remember details, but googling indicated a news headline writer somewhere (and several others) had done this previously.

"I'm only superficial on the outside." Just came up with this one, but I think it is highly unlikely I am the first. Don't feel like googling to prove my unoriginality right now... (P.S. Hey! This last quip, "superficial on the outside" did NOT actually show up in google, so maybe I'm first, after all! Let this be my claim to priority...)


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