Sunday, May 24, 2009

Vow-Testingly Bad

So I did something bad, in a vaguely mid-life reflective sort of way (but only just a little, notice I didn't say mid-life "crisis"), which prompted the following comment from my beloved: "Well, I did say 'For better or for worse'..."

What, pray tell, manner of indiscretion did I commit? Did I blow a big chunk of our savings on a boat, or a sexy little sports car? Did I sprain my back trying to wrestle with my teenage son? Did I go chasing after a younger (or older, for that matter) woman?

Nah, I shaved my beard.

Actually to be perfectly clear and honest, she's right. The beard looks better (at least if I keep it reasonably trimmed). And even if I disagreed, her opinion on the matter is the only one that really counts anyway... but I don't disagree. The beard will come back. I was just gripped by a nostalgic urge to see what the old mug looked like under there. And, really, she's being quite a good sport about it. But I really did find her "for better or for worse" comment highly amusing, and can't resist a tiny little teasing...

So for anyone who may care to see it, Gainey productions presents, for a very limited engagement, appearing for the first time in 15 years (or so), and probably for the last time ever... face.

A side by side view, with a pic from a couple of weeks back.


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